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Sustainability is of great importance to us as we want to take responsibility for our planet and future generations. By acting sustainably, we can conserve resources, minimize environmental pollution and maintain a liveable and healthy environment in the long term. For this we rely on sustainability through a combination of conventional manufacturing processes and optimized 3D printing.

Our Measures

Computer Software Guidance

We rely on digitization, also in all administrative activities

  • A high level of digitization in order management significantly reduces the amount of paper required for printouts. ​

  • Our important server structures are outsourced to a German SSL-secured server farm. ​

  • The choice of sustainable materials such as recyclable materials enables more environmentally friendly component development. ​

  • By taking a holistic view of the life cycle of components, we minimize the environmental impact. ​

  • The use of digital tools and simulation-based approaches enables more efficient development of components, reduces material wear and minimizes scrap.

Our Promise

Your decision for us -
a decision for sustainability

By combining conventional manufacturing processes and modern 3D printing processes, you can rely on resource-efficient production with the following advantages:

  • Just-in-Time & On Demand: Components are only produced after the order has been received, which means that there is no need for warehousing and overproduction.

  • The production of products is almost waste-free.

  • Unused material can be reused.

  • The uncomplicated production of spare parts speeds up repairs and extends the service life.

  • Local production avoids long transport routes and contributes to the relocation of production to Germany. ​

  • Lightweight structures in automotive and aircraft construction reduce fuel consumption.


Together with us you can reduce your CO₂ company footprint:

  • We avoid design errors and optimize your components to reduce material consumption.

  • Inspired by nature, we use bionic structures to reduce material and print time.

  • We consolidate complex assemblies for you to reduce assembly work and benefit from lighter weight and lower prices.

  • A production of your plastic components in the environmentally friendly MJF process.

  • Bundle partial orders to one address and time to minimize transport distances.

  • With our electrified company fleet, we reduce the CO2 emissions of necessary business trips.

  • We use CO2-neutral electricity - 100% green electricity at Siemens Technopark

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