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3D-printing Consulting

We advise, coach and train companies of all sizes and knowledge levels in the field of 3D printing. From the introduction to various 3D printing technologies to the design of 3D printing process chains in the company.


We also create market analyses, internal company analyses, 3D printing strategies and presentations for different management levels.

Potential Analyses

Tools and Fixtures

Low hanging fruit

KPI-supported potential analyzes to improve your opterating resources. 

Batch Production

Supreme discipline

We will show you where your potential lies with series parts. From individual components to functional complex assemblies. 

New Developments

Think in user stories

We analyze upcoming new developments and show you components or assemblies that particularly benefit form 3D printing.


Minimum Effort - Maximum Value

We analyze your challenges in production and show ways to profitably choose them with the help of various 3D printing approaches. 

3D-Printing Return Level


Harvesting 3D printing potential

The key figure 3DKL provides information about the percentage of the 3D printing potential and the possible 3D printing potential in your company.


3D-Printing Academy


Coaching in the midst of 3D printing production, only available at prexels!


5 different coachings from entry level to expert level. ​


You can also book coaching online or on site!


3D printing academy


An increasing number of processes and available materials in 3D printing present employees with the challenge of identifying suitable application scenarios and applying the correct 3D printing process. The processes differ in the material to be processed, the initial state of the material and the way in which the material cohesion is created. Against this background and the different degrees of technological maturity, each 3D printing process has preferred application options and application scenarios along the product life cycle. The aim of the basic training is to give the participants an overview of 3D printing processes and their specific areas of application. Based on selected case studies, the training content is deepened and consolidated with the participants in the long term.
The content of the training is the following
  • Presentation of 3D printing processes with video and image material (> 20 processes)
  • Procedure for prototyping and mock-up
  • Procedure for series production
  • Process for the production of equipment (tools, devices, aids in production)
  • Criteria and procedure for component identification
  • Exercise with concrete case studies, elaboration by participants
Output of the training for the daily assistance of the employee:
  • Classification matrix for 3D printing processes (classification according to material, degree of maturity, ...)
  • Sample applications for the presented 3D printing processes as a reference work
  • Criteria and process model for component identification
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